Sunday, July 9, 2017

i'm hungry and that may be all you get out of this.

a few things...unrelated to what I had planned on complaining talking about in this post...

i'm frakinnnnnnnn' hungry. Borderline, hangryyyyyyyy. I already ate supper but it was...unfulfilling;). So here I sit, at 1044PM...mostly, trying not to get pissed off and ask Jacob to go get me food and then have him refuse and then for me to hate him forever. The end.
And don't ask me why I don't just "Go To Bed" - at 1044PM - or I'll ask youuuuuuu for your address and come take all your food. And kill you. The end;).

just caught Theo in the bathroom - she's gotten out of bed no less than 1 BAJILLIONNNNNN times tonight! ARG!. But while she was in there, she dumped an entire bottle of baby wash out into the tub. And we're kinda on a fucking budgettttttt up in that kinda shit just really I'll give her some credit for pointing it out to me and immediately apologizing - was she smirking while delivering that apology or is that my hangry-ness coming through?! 

nothing good happens after 11PM around these parts;)

SOOOOO what I was going to say was that we miss Jacob on the weekends:( Summer is the hardest. Not because he's working. We know that he's gotta work and no one's mad about that. But his hours are so wonky. He always has to be to work by 730AM-ish and then from depends. During the week we can count on him being home anywhere between 5-7PM but on the weekends...we just assume he'll be working morning till late night on Saturdays and cross our fingers and toes that he'll have off on Sunday. Unless it's June Dairy Month...then we won't see him for a good part of Sunday either:/ 

wah wahhhhhhh wah. I know;) We have it sooooo harddddddd;). Not really. Obviously:). We just miss him and we miss him missing out on these weekend adventures:/ We're so fortunate that this summer we have a lot of low-cost/local/family plans. Family, meaning immediate family - minus Jacob. So I always feel like there are at least a few extra helping hands/eyes around:). And we are booked up with a lot of Cabin/Lake House/Camping weekends that won't cost a thang' - see above about that tightttttt budget;). It's just a bummer to be collecting these memories and photos, all without our favorite guy. 

with all that said...Jacob appreciates me keeping busy and keeping the kids busy and there are a lot of times that we're still off adventuring when Jacob does get done with work. And so he is able to get a bit of, much needed, down-time in. We're very fortunate that he works so hard for us and even with all that working he does, he does his best to help me in any way he can - except for on Friday, when I was trying to sell a bike trailer and there was a part missing and he was being a useless dick about it and long story short, he was a dick and later apologized for being a dick;).


thank you to Jacob's cousin, Jessica, for snapping this adorable photo of myself and Rocky! I just love it!!!:)

and thank you to the Smith's (Jess, you'll always be a Smith to me;) for hosting us at their Lake House! We attended a Surprise Retirement Party for Jacob's aunt, Linda, who's the most generous, hardworking person! I was so happy to be there and celebrate this milestone with her and the family! She worked for the Marshfield Hospital for 40 years! :)

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