Friday, July 28, 2017

skittle fetch: where children fetch the skittles you throw.

post by casey.

my sister and I were sitting around bitching speaking of our husbands and laughing about how they probably think we just sit home all day, online shopping at the Loft, throwing Skittles into the living room to distract the kids from bothering us. And then our laughter kinda trailed off causeeeee you think they might actually think that's really what we do all day?! 
That actually sounds like an ideal day;).

i've got a pretty stand-up husband and so I shouldn't/can't/try not to complain too often but just when I think he 'gets it'...he'll say those 6 words that could put me in prison: "what do you do all day?". He's not lived a life where I 'don't do anything all day'. I wouldn't wish that on him;). 

even when I'm NOT doing anything...shit's gettin' done. Lists and worries and the future and plans and dreams and dollar amounts are being made in my head. Maybe our inability to 'shut it off' is our super-hero strength and yet our biggest downfall. 

anyways. Mostly, just wanted to share cause I feel like I just came up with an epic game and it's called: Skittle Fetch:). Guaranteed to give you hours of leisurely time away from your kiddos that you can use to make a photo-book or take advantage of an online sale or just space-out. :) Get to work ladies;).

here we are yesterday. I had a husband's hand to hold and the kiddos had a dad to jump on:) It was one of those really, really good days:).
Anyone else gotta grab a paper bag to breath into just thinkingggggg about cold weather!? Summer can never be over...I won't allow it!!!!:)

these kiddos had.a.blast!!!!! Some days shit just seems hard...or they make all.the.things SEEM hard. But yesterday was not one of those days. The stars aligned and they just...had fun:) My cheeks hurt from smiling!

we bought Homer a pair of goggles and it was the best thing I've ever invested in! He came out of his water shell!!!! Jumping in, going under, trying to do headstands...he was jacked andddddd it was adorable! So proud of this guy!

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