Sunday, August 6, 2017

#the52project Week25

post by casey.

jacob: "I just gotta say, you've been a different kinda mom lately...better!!!!"
me: quizzical/questioning/should I be offended face?!!??!?

i can't say I don't agree with him! This summer has been jam packed and I'm already 30WKS along, with baby number4 and it seems I've found a patience that didn't exist in those early weeks. Not to mention those early years of motherhood. 

Full Disclosure: I hit a wall of exhaustion this weekend and may have told Jacob that if I had had a newborn at that point (and the other 2 littles, who were fighting nap time that day, as well - not to mention, Jacob was working)...I would have curled up and died...DIEDDDDDDD. I may have cried at the thought!
BUT I'm coming out of it and feeling much more alive today!

besides mind has been going a million miles per hour! The next few weeks of August are full and will go so quickly. 

i'm currently stressed over the idea of getting healthier and cutting processed foods out of our lives and the possible effects that is having/has had on us...and yet I don't have a ton of energy/motivation to doooooo anything about that...I'm overwhelmed by this topic...I'll stop there;(

homer starts school in a few short weeks and I've been able to put that to the back of my mind but I'm gonna be a mess over that change in our days:'( I'm excited for him and sad for me and so proud of him and anxious about the big guy he's gonna become and a lot concerned about what friends he'll make, that will inevitably chose the 'moms' I'll be surrounded by the rest of these 15ISH years;)
OH, and we want to enroll him in Karate! I'll keep you posted on that! Kinda depends on cost and timing and such.

and Rocky is like...OLD. Tall and less and less like a baby everyday. I'm soaking up his cuddles and just trying to be present and really LOOK at him and hold him and be aware of those moments when they're happening. He's never stopped being')

theo is just...*hmmmm...?!*...she is a character! So cute! So much my baby girl yet:) She brings the entertainment, that's for sure!

as you can tell, I haven't spent endless nights quietly sobbing myself to sleep...hardly any...a few, at most...5 of 7...weekly;).

here's to enjoying every last bit of this summer and new beginnings and births and being better - mom's, wives, selves:):).

my good stuff: an uninterrupted  2hr nap:). 1-1/2YR olds dancing (and 3 and 5YR olds...and husbands;). a pre-arranged babysitter for a ME day.

a portrait of my children, once a week(ish), every week(ish), in 2017

homer - no cooler (or sassier;) dude!

theo daisy - the cutest freaking shopping buddy! 
"mom!!! Take my picture!"

rockyp - got his first buzz, a few weeks back!:)

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