Tuesday, April 4, 2017

birthdays + a meat show.

post by casey.

well, Theo turned 3. And this seems completely unreal and all too possible...all rolled into one:)

she was a handful in the beginning (reminder: not sleeping for the first 7WKS of her life. Seven. of the weeks. Of life. No Sleep. Really. NO. Reallllyyyyy). I went back to work after having 8WKS off with Theo. At the very end of week7, I remember sobbing over my keyboard while drafting up an email to my boss about how I couldn't possibly come back...I couldn't function...I was considering seeking council...shit.wasn't.good. And that night she fell asleep for a whole week - can you HEAR me rolling my eyes?!?!! The girl has timing;)

since then, she's been such a joy:) Funny as all hell! And she sleeps. Like a freaking champ!!! I tell ya, I'll never be afraid of not sleeping again. I never dread those newborn days because Jacob and I will look at one another and say: it couldn't be worse than Theo...it couldn't. Really.;)

the last few weeks have been so busy and so I'm terribly behind on posts. I want to do a sequel to our Stop and Drop Your Diaper Bag post - SEE HERE. And I haven't shared/bragged/rubbed your face in all of our Tulum photos;)! Those are coming soon!!!!:) In the mean time, we've been celebrating countless birthday's...including my own and taken a little getaway - see below - and celebrated more. And so basically, I'm glad to have those photos from Tulum, where my bikini body was documented, because I think I've had a piece of birthday cake every day since we returned;)

I'll let the photos do 'most' of the talking...here's the last week of Theo and The Meat Show and there was a zoo and more cake:)

theo daisy 3.30.14

the evening of Theo's birthday, also landed on the Annual Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Convention - or better known to us as The Meat Show:). Jacob attends every other year, to learn/collect information/samples for Smith Bros. Meats and of course, we're lucky enough to tag along and enjoy the pool and 2 sleepless nights in a hotel room, watching HGTV and the cooking channel until the wee hours of the morning. We love it:)

the pool was SO warm. Like 72 degrees. I kid you not. You know how sometimes you run back and forth from the pool to the hot-tub?! That wasn't necessary...the pool rivaled the hot-tubs heat! It was so so perfect and I'm ruined for all other, cold pools! We spent hours in here. HOURS.

i wouldn't call myself a Masterrrrr Packer...quite the opposite. Forgot the pack and play. Forgot my own swim suit. Didn't bring jackets for the kids - so lucky it was so nice on Saturday when we went to the Zoo. Was very fortunate the hotel had a pack and play and that Target was right around the corner;)

rocky loved the water so much! It had to be because of the warmth. I'm still dreaming about that pool:):)

and then the Meat Show. Where we taste all the samples and eat hotdogs and fill our pen quota for the next 2YRS:)

take #163

doesn't this photo make it look like they get along?! Like Homer doesn't constantly piss the other 2 off? Like Theo doesn't scream for no reason? Yeahhhhhh;).

who cares about anything in this family photo besides Theo's face?! 

we stopped at the Zoo before heading out of town early Saturday afternoon! It's a FREE Zoo in the Madison, WI area. Really worth at least an hour of your time - don't forget to donate:)

there was nothing in this one...but we just let it play out for a while:)

theo and Will were born just 3 days apart - remember THIS announcement?!:):) - ..and this is just, downright, special to me:) They couldn't be any less alike but they're gonna get to do this life side by side and I couldn't be more excited about that:)

theo got a bike...that she doesn't quite have the hang of yet...so Homer's been riding it because his training wheels are broken on his bike and it will absolutely be no less than 4YRS before I replace those. :):)

happy Birthday, baby girl. You made me a girl mama...which really means nothing...besides that changing a vagina diaper was life-altering in comparison to a penis - I mean...HOW DO YOU SHIT INTOOOOO YOUR VAGINA??????;) 

you've always been incredibly special. That little unicorn swirl of hair. You're adorable sense of humor. You're insane bedtime routine...that includes anywhere from 3 to 100 million dolls...but we won't know until you get into bed which we forgot and which weren't invited and which you'd like to sit facing the wall on the other side of the room and which need clothes and which need a blanket and which don't and this one needs it's eyes to close but THEY DON'T CLOSE...

it's all good. It's.Alllllll.Gooooooood;)

we could not love you more. You always have been an incredible gift:)

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