Monday, April 3, 2017

13 of 52

post by Courtney

yet another busy week. this week I even had some doubles of quite a few of the kids and had choices for this post. my usual is to have forgotten one while I thought I had lots of options and realizing only when I sit down to type up this post. typical.

a portrait of my children, once a week(ish), every week(ish), in 2017
taking a break from a one-sided game of dodge ball. 
opponent: Tayt.

she asked to wear him around the zoo. I gladly obliged.

practicing her skills.

over the weekend we attended a meat show. Tayt and Nash ran around the building getting all the free pens, pads of paper, stuffed animals, and hats they could find.
half way home he showed us the pair of meat gloves he scored with all his free giveaway loot.
we're certain there were no gloves up for grabs. 


she only naps about once a month. fleeting moments.

taken a liking to drawing.

hotel naps.

I never want to forget his big toothless grins.

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