Tuesday, November 1, 2016

two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

post by Courtney

warning: this is going to be an overabundance of photos. 

my due date came and went. I was worried baby would share a birthday with Meg, but he was patient and thankfully stayed put. just a couple from Meg's day. beautiful girl :)

while I have been induced twice before, just like every other birth story... this labor and delivery was almost... almosttt entirely different than the rest. my OB physician was on call Saturday so at 40 weeks 6 days, we went in on Friday night to be induced. my cervix was apparently no where near ready sooo nothing went as fast as I was hoping it would. everyone wants to blow the doctor and nurses mind by how fast they labor... that didn't feel like the case Friday night/early Saturday morning.

fast forward 6ish hours and contractions started.

fast forward a couple more hours and my water was broke.

epidural. no, I did not attempt this one natural. I hadn't slept since Thursday night.

add a little pitocin.

fast forward a couple hours.

one hard contraction. frantic nurses. this is the familiar part. 
this time the nurses believed me though. crowning baby.

my regular OB physician made it in time! 
I'm going to tell him how ssslllooowww he was getting to the room next time I see him ;)

. . . . . . . . .

and again the familiar feelings... there are no words... 
it brings me to tears thinking about it...
(which is strange because I'm *never* moved to tears at the actual birth)

welcome baby boy! we are beyond in love with you!

I was told the weather was beautiful while I was in the hospital :) 

my favorite visitors :)
Peyton was sick so he wasn't able to see Coy for a few days after he was born :(

just couldn't stop :)


ready to go home

left his bands on for a few days so I could get photos but mostly to keep him new ;)

too much!

this is a bit of a shout out because I'm not sure who sent this, butttt someone sent me this adorable calendar swaddle. thank you so much, modern burlap!

and because I'm always taking photos of Coy, we had to take some of the other not so little babies in the house :)

thank you so much for all the kind words and visits and gifts and I'm sure I'm forgetting everything... BUT we sincerely appreciate all the well wishes. I've said it before, and there's a good chance I'll say it again, but we're very thankful! God is great :)

and hey, if anyone is interested in placental encapsulation, send me an email! I don't encapsulate them, I... just email me ;)

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  1. It was I! Really, forgetful people like me shouldn't be allowed. Love you guys.