Sunday, November 27, 2016

for every year this Christmas tree, brings to us such joy and glee.

post by casey

the argument you don't want to be having...AT the Christmas Tree who was supposed to bring the money! Oops;)

WE GOT A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!:) It's perfect and just shy of 9ft tall and only set us (I mean, Pigg - thanks for spotting us the cashhhhhh;) back $23!!! 

anyone else obsessed with this time of year? 

anyone else having a hard time finding the perfect Spotify Christmas Playlist - taking suggestions!!!!?? 

anyone else currently wearing a Star Wars Themed Festive sweater - HERE -  from the youth boys section at Target? Just me?;)

L Theo and Rocky almost look the same damn size!!!!
R Homer falling on his ass;)

this little, local place, was called Golden Feather Game Farm out of Spencer, WI. SO cute and festive! They've also got a zoo of sorts, in the summer, that we plan to come back to visit - $5 per person:).

when I was a kid, we went and cut down a tree every year, that I can remember! This little place only had pre-cut trees but was still a great experience for the kids (and less work for Jacob;). We'd love for this to be our yearly tradition but in the past - because of newborns or wayyyyy below freezing temps - we've had to send Jacob to the gas station:/. SO we'll see what next year brings but this place will be my top hope for our future Christmas trees!!!:)


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  2. Ahhhh, makes me miss getting a real tree. We have a place closeish to us (45min) like this. But last year I broke down and bought an artificial one end of season. :-( something I SWORE I'd NEVER EVER EVER DO. But the last 3 years the good old alergies kick in and about kill me. Love the pics! Jealous of your perfect tree!

  3. Awww, darn allergies!!!!:( We've definitely thrown around the idea of doing artificial but haven't found a good enough deal yet - those crickets can be sang expensive:/. SO for now...real:):) - Casey