Tuesday, November 15, 2016

rocky peyton: ONE YEAR

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Rocky Peyton turned ONE. 

i feel like I've really hit my stride with 3 kids:) I won't deny that there are many, mannyyyyy hard days and more than a few where I raise my voice or jump out from behind the door when Jacob walks in from a long day at work and sock him in the side of the head...with a kid;) BUT for real...I struggled BIG time with 2. But 3 is just...good!:) 

PS. 3 isn't our number;)

i'd like to clarify that 3 is good because I've let go of those things I can not change...well...not entirely. Whatttttt I'm trying to say...is that I'm not as hard on myself. I give-in to the days more. I allow us to fall down but then I still get back up and going...and normally without crying!;) I still don't cook worth shit. And I get bored. And I spend too much:/ And a lot of the week the kids manage to wake-up before me. And Homer's currently got his face stuck in my phone, playing games. And I'm allowing Rocky to rip apart a full roll of saran wrap - Jacob's gonna kill me but I plan on blaming the dog;)
These days...I feel like a mom and maybe even a semi-decent one?! Who am I kidding...definitely, decent. Above-average-decent. Good. Pretty good;)

i've come a long way from that girl who convinced her 5 year old nephew that I was his 'real mom'. I mayyyy have been the only one to find the humor in that;/ It's a wonder that my family wasn't sure being a 'mom' would be a good fit for me;)

ANYWAY. Rocky turned ONE and he's just the light of our lives!:) He's spoiled us and his personality was just what we needed:)

RockyP...I was sure you were a girl - WRONG. I was sure I'd get the epidural - WRONG. I was sure 3 would be hard and scary - WRONG. I've never been happier to have been so wrong about all the things:') These last 365 days have been a joy.

i drew the 1 backwards...I'm still confused about how that happened. Maybe a little to do with being in a rush, seeing as we decided to start planning and prepping for this get-together the morning OF the get-together. 3rd child problems;)

we only do immediate family and keep the gifts small and sweet:)
And we chose to do breakfast for dinner again - we did the same for Homer's 4th Birthday in May - because it's ridiculously easy...and so yummy:)
pancakes, fresh strawberries and blueberries, bacon OH MY:)
Gummie bears and licorice (I'd like the record to state that I didn't have to use spell-check for Licorice - that's a tricky-ass word!!! #proud;) for dessert:)

opening presents was a group effort;)

THE cutest, most hilariously accurate book about farts. Great for all ages: Toot

i don't know how he didn't barf from all that sweetness cause I almost lost it watching him inhale that thing!

a quick;) - 5/6minute - video of Rocky's 1st year:):)

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