Monday, November 14, 2016

the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

post by casey

first. Can you believe that these 2 clowns will be in the same class...the year 2020, they'll be starting kindergarten together. 

side note: there's going to be a 2020. two-thousand-TWENTY. What the?!??! That's kinda blowing my mind right now...

also. To take this to a grab me a paper bag cause I'm fucking hyperventilating level of disgust: they'll be walking the stage to graduate high school together. Class of 2033.

what a waste, I just puked up all my coffee. Putting on my sunglasses to finish the rest of the post;')

monday is just a mindset, my friends! Let's have a good one:)


  1. I started my Monday out by telling MY 2 year old to keep his wiener in his pants/footie pajamas, EXPECIALLY at the breakfast table.
    It also wouldn't be Monday without the last min. Desperate search for that one freaking school library book. I now have a box OVER FLOWING of books for good will.
    Can I send my 2 year old to school with yours? Can he live with you so his commute won't be quite as long?

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