Tuesday, November 22, 2016

oh, shit.

post by casey.

* this post was written and wrapped up between 1130PM and 1210AM last night/this morning. I do my best work while laying in bed, already stressing about the sleep i won't get, with my husband snoring on one side of me and a toddler on the other - her leg though...that's on my forehead.
Happy Tuesday, friends:)

i wish I could tell you this was the 1st time we've found them jumping naked on the trampoline!;)

1130PM - Monday

i'm going to venture to guess that your day involved way less shit - shit...like actual shitttt - than mine did.
Unless of course your 1YR old took off his cloth diaper and shit on the floor - while you were on the phone with the Charter guy, unsuccessfully trying to lower your internet bill - and then maybe - definitely - ate a bit of it.

and then your 4-1/2YR old took a monsterous dump in the toilet and didn't flush it and you didn't realize that until hours later when the smell lead you to it?

and thennnn - oh, it's gettin goooodddd - your 6YR old nephew has a tummy ache and doesn't make it to the toilet - which we won't discover until later...when Rocky is possibly - DEFINITELY - eating.more.shittttt. 
Andddd he clogged the toilet with toilet paper and unclogged it with his hands and he left all of the evidence of that behind...and then we all shared a box of cereal...unknowingly...with that 6YR old. Yeahhhhh, the one that unclogged the toilet with his God.damn.hand.

i left that part out when I was replaying this to Jacob because he was actively gagging already:/

so...that all you got MONDAY?! It's only 1132PM...come at me! - please don't. Dear god...bring on Tuesday;)

okay...so I think I was actually going to talk about changing my eating habits or how much I love kids, in this post?! But I think I'll wait on that;)

holiday/partial 'work' weeks beat the shit out of me but I'm clinging to Thanksgiving. The day my husband has off work but forgoes family for the woods and the off chance of shooting a deer. I'll spend all day wrangling kids  - what's new;) - and eating massive bites of food between feeding my kid a bite of food after they refused their own food but then when I sat down to eat, suddenly they are hungry - what's new!!!!!. My only plan is to push them away with a single finger to the forehead, while I talk politics and life and travel and shitty kids with my family, around one large table:)

76 days till Mexico. The end;)

1210AM - Tuesday


  1. Oh boy did you ever have a bad day. Maybe the worse.

    1. It was nasty!!:( But we survived and my clean-up time is getting quicker with all this practice;) - Casey:)

  2. Thanks for the laughs! I hope today was better!

    1. Today was muchhhhh better!!! I still need a shower though;) - Casey:):)