Friday, December 2, 2016

hot glue guns (SHOULD) rule the world.

post by casey

do you have a hot glue gun? Am I the only one, just now - in my verrrryyyyy early 33rd year of life - discovering how life-changing having a hot glue gun is? 

well. If you don't have one...I'm tellin' ya...stop what you're doing - which is probably almost falling asleep because you just discovered that this post is loosely centered around a hot glue gun - WAKE UP and get your ass to the place that sells hot glue guns!!!!

jacob came home with a hot glue gun for me the other day. Anddddd a food dehydrator - I'll save that excitement for another blog post;). This glue gun has seen a shit-ton of action since - so has my husband cause HOT GLUE GUNS ARE LIFE CHANGING!!!;). There's literally NO problem that can't be solved with this freaking gun. For real. Give me a problem. Try me;)

i seriously fixed 7 things within 20min of getting this hot glue gun. All the broken things...are fixed!!!!


my dad was kinda enough to set-up his drill-press for me, which made hallowing out these corks SO much easier!!!:) And now I'm running out of corks and gave up alcohol and so yeah...where my wine-guzzling friends at?!?!? Hit me up;)

these little guys were relatively easy to make and I'm still finessing the process and how to make sure that little plant stays alive as long as possible and maybe how to sell and ship them online??? BUT doing this definitely got those creative juices flowing. Not gonna lie, having 3 little kids running around doesn't leave me much time - if any at all...actually, negative amounts of, I need more hours in the day...what day is it???;)
POINT: it was fun to do something for me. Create something and then have a few people give me some positive feedback and even purchased a few of them! Can you tell I'm desperate for some positive reinforcement/genuine compliments?;) I haven't showered OR left the house in what feels like a few weeks, so I may be hard up for some social interaction;)

hope you guys are filling your 'creative/me-time tanks' in some way or another!!!!:)

shameless plug innnnn 3...2..1....
IF you love these little cuties as much as I do...I AM taking orders - only for those locally or able to pick-up, until I figure out the shipping situation!:) I'm selling them for $2/ea or 3 for $5!


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