Tuesday, August 2, 2016

we didn't buy a zoo.

post by casey.

rocky, just short of 9 months, has officially grown his nails longer than I ever have - unless, there's a slim chance I wasn't a nail biter back in my...baby days? Not likely. - So, you win, Rocky:) Well...the whole world wins because I bite my nails like no other. It's gross, I fucking knowwwww. This has been proven to me twice:
1. Walking by my reflection. Ew.
2. Being secretly taped by my niece. EW.

i still bite my nails. Moving on.

sooooo i just keptttttt forgettingggggggg to clip Rocky's nails. A looming check-up at the docs is always a good reminder to bath and make him presentable to the outside world. Oh, and all the tiny cuts on my breasts and chest and neck anddddd face were starting to bring up some questions from the fam. 
Tiny, long nails = tiny, painful cuts;)

at this point I think it was arguable as to whether I should even cut his nails anymore. It was like deciding whether to dewclaw a cat - I'm sure I'm striking a nerve bringing up such a touchy subject with all my cat-lova followers;)
1. You love cats.
2. You don't. Hard.
*I land near 4. Where you don't believe cats have feelings...KIDDING - kinda;)

so his nails were to the point that I questioned whether he had become accustomed to them. He needed them to survive. To defend himself against my force-feeding breast and those siblings who can't keep their damn faces out of his damn face. SURVIVAL.

we cut them. Just so you and the pediatrician know. 

SO we went to a zoo today. THIS zoo. The FREE kind. The only thing better for our budget would have been them writing us a check;) - we did make a donation:)

it was hot. It was pretty. We were very impressed and really enjoyed ourselves. 
Minus Jacob hating the heat and then buying slushies for the kids, which the kids found to be too cold - it was 92 degrees out. Really. Ninety-two-degrees. Hawt - to hold with their bare hands. So Jacob held 2, melting slushies, through the lion exhibit. Yay, dad!!!;)

so here's our day. And it was great. We had ourselves a pretty neat Tuesday:)

my new fav pic of.all.time - you decide if I'm talking about the family photo above or the Cinnabons below;)

HINT: you can chew on one - Rocky vs. Cinabon - both VERY chewable;)

the conservatory was just...gorgeous. Blazing hot andddd gorgeous. Already planning our 10 year vow renewal in this very spot. You're ALL invited:)

who's going to release the butterflies when we say "I Do"? 

who's going to supervise my kids throwing $27 worth of pennies into the fountain and then STILL whining for more and then throwing themselves into the fountain to fish more out to re-throw in? - that $27 will come off your base pay and included in that shitty job will be to make sure Rocky doesn't choke on any pennies. - BROOKE, I knowwww you're up for the challenge;)

hi, Rocky P:)
this was pre-nail-clipping...get a look at those lady thumbs!!!!

theo wanted to "hold and pet" all the large animals:)

okay, let's talk about this gorilla for a minute...or 10. My mind was blown. I mean...Jacob and I definitely exchanged "Whoa" glances and may have forgotten we had kids for a sec there, while we elbowed our way towards the glass;)

zoo's are hard. I mean...when, other than a zoo, might we get the chance to see such an amazing animal? This is a great opportunity and a good learning experience for the kiddos. But on some level it feels sad:( BUT I think the more we can learn about the zoo we're visiting and what they're doing for the animals - the gorilla space was just enlarged and a new little baby was just born, helping to ensure that this animal lives on.

alas, I know nothing...so, that's the end of that;)

after the zoo we ran downtown, where I had a tattoo consultation!!! This will be a blog post for another day. One which involves me going on and onnnnn about how much I hate the status of my current tattoo and how I'm - and by 'I'm', I mean the rock star tattoo artist that I've been stalking for the last 2 years while I birthed and have been nursing a baby - gonna solve that HUGE/FUGLY pickle, permanently etched into my arm.
Saint Sabrina's...look um' up.
Gosh, I love me a tattoo though:)

and then after that...I ran into MOA to return some shit and grab enough Cinnabons to put me into a larger pant size, all while Homer peed on the top floor of the parking garage and Homer/Jacob/Rocky & Theo - I was told, by a VERY amused Homer;) - farted in the van, while watching the planes take-off. Gosh, I am the luckiest;)


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