Thursday, July 28, 2016

da Brown's:)

post by casey.

we knew going into the summer, that it wasn't likely we'd take any bigger trips or overnight getaways - minus our Christmas in the Dells...which seems like a lifetime ago:(...and I guess we did do a quick trip to CHI, as well:)
Jacob is SO busy in the summer months, catering. And since the sale of the 2nd house, we're trying to behave and finish up the last of our debt so we can move on with our lives, debt-free!!!!

and because Jacob misses out on all the fun and love and sun and chaos and also those fits due to missed naps at the lake and spankings and timeouts and breakdowns and accidental baby heads to my nose...I like to keep him in the loop by sending him everything I'm thinking cause I don't want him to forget what an emotional roller coaster I'm on. Daily. 

Daily Texts (authentic - pulled straight from my phone!!:)

"i should call a real-estate agent and see how much we can get for the house and sell it and then we'll build..." - after binge watching Chip & Joanna, Fixer Upper

"Dave Ramsey says we can only afford a $400 mortgage. That's what we should be paying for our mortgage. That is fucking REAL!!!!!!!"

"dad says that people drywall their houses cause that's actually the cheapest option. And even THAT is so fucking expensive."

"we literally can not afford a not done house or a new house or drywall."

"I just fed the kids PB&J...on fucking English Muffins. - poor"

"I miss you something fierce."

"where's a level?"

"where's a paint tray?"


'when will you be homeeeeeeeee???:((((????" - 237PM 

"how big is our TV?"

"is the TV too heavy for me and a woman to carry to her car? Will it fit in the back of a car?"

"Oh, I sold our TV"

"Can I go to Target??????"

"D ran a fucking way. AGAIN!!!!!"

"it'd be great if your check was a million dollars on Wednesday:)"

"cops called. Found D!!!!!!:::::/"

"I'm glad you're mine:)"

surprisingly, these are normally pretty one-sided conversations;)

SO here's a little trip we took to visit friends in June. Courts' family has made this an annual adventure but this was our first year - minus Jacob...Jacob, who?;) - staying the night on their property and hitting up the splash-pad and doing a little camping:)

perfect day for the splash pad!:)

my suit: Old Navy
I don't see it on their site but it was on super sale, in-store, earlier this summer
*the trace of side-boob was not for the purpose of catching the eye of the dad's at the splash pad but strictly for nursing access;)*
same goes for Rocky's suit: Old Navy (the in-store availability/sale price, not the side-boob;)

one of my favorite things: coffee and breakfast outside, on a warm summer day:)

the kids have been getting really good at sleeping with me on these little get-aways. Squeezing into one bed or part of the floor could be disastrous but they have been real troopers:) And it's just nice to not sit home all weekend and feel 'stuck' in the we split the cost of food and meal prep and have gotten a pretty good system in place for an inexpensive weekend away:)

thank you for having us, Brown's! See ya next year:)

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