Tuesday, August 9, 2016

theo daisy: 28 months and rocky peyton: 9 months

post by casey.

today I'm thankful for a house large enough for 2, very separate, time-out spaces. 

the end.

obviously, I'm kidding. If I ever put up a blog post with anything less than 1 MILLION words, send help;)

okay...what is that saying? That reallyyyyyy annoying...totallyyyyyy correct...but infuriatingggggg saying:

"stop REACTING and start RESPONDING. it doesn't matter what happens, it's how you respond to what happens that makes the difference." 
- Bob Proctor

anyone want to save me the time and google this dick and see if he ever had kids? Or received a period every month?
I can't entirely blame this on that because I've yet to get a period...in like 2 years...maybe this is all pent up, lack-of, period aggression??? I think I just invented a new diagnosis: I'm sorry Mrs. Smith...but you have what we refer to as, PULOPA. Pent-Up-Lack-Of-Period-Agression. NOT CURABLE.

basically, I need to not react to everyyyyyy littleeeeee fit they throw. Their bi-bolarness is rubbing off on me.

SO. The kids are older. Blah Blah Blah. I love them. Mean it.

theo is talking so much more. I mean, she has been. Trouble is, only Homer can understand her. So now we're forced to make sure they're together at all times - que the physical toddler fights ALL.DAMN.DAY. If Homer's not there, there's no way to know what she's saying. And saying 'sure' to everything she says has turned out to be disastrous 97% of the time;)

she still sleeps like a champ. She looks SO soooo old and big to me, especially when being held by someone else:( She's "soweeeeee mommmmyyyy" 100 times a day. But it's freaking cute and apology accepted, every damn time;)

oh, Rocky P. The thought of you not being...you? Here? It's a frightening one. You've added so much love and patience to my life:) I shudder to think of that ever changing but alas...you're one of 'them' and sooner or later they'll turn you;)

rocky is still a solid nurser. We've introduced table foods slowly. He's still in bed with us...that's not a super negative thing but I really need to stop being so lazy and get him converted to the crib. 

i have a wedding in Oregon at the end of September. September is a pretty full month, travel-wise. I'll be away from the kids for at least 6 days that month. Which has been unheard of in the 4-1/2 years we've had kids. SO I'm considering taking him with me. It would be the first time flying with any of the kids and I'm excited to give it a go.
The trip to Nashville, that I'm taking at the beginning of the month, will not include any of the kids. Since I'll still be nursing Rocky, I'll have to pump while I'm gone. Anyone having any experience being away and pumping? Specifically, if the baby was a tad older? Rocky will be 10-1/2 months and I'd like to nurse him until he's a year. 
I'm sure it'll be totally fine and I'm over-thinking it but I'd be so sad if I got back and he didn't want to pick-up nursing where we left off. Like, what if he prefers the bottle because he got it for 4 days straight? Anyways...thoughts???

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