Wednesday, August 24, 2016

hello, third trimester!

post by Courtney

as usual, pregnancy (and our summer) :( has flown by. while I thoroughly enjoy pregnancy, I'm feeling more of the symptoms a little harsher with this pregnancy. 

heartburn... can't I just enjoy strawberry lemonade!?!  

coffee... only 1... 1 and a half cups *tops* daily. 

weight gain... seems to be right on track for my 50+ weight gain ;)

swelling... a bit more during the summer. I should probably be more lazy ;)

let's just take a trip down memory lane...
20 weeks

I'm certain this naughty little boy was spitting at me... hmm...
24 weeks

why I'm taking all these photos in my suit is beyond me. those thighs are serious business!
30 weeks

and the most recent photo...

32 weeks

photo credit to Lia. while I prepped the camera, she did her own thing ;)

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