Wednesday, August 31, 2016

that time at the lake...2 months ago.

post by casey.

my phenomenal mood today is brought to you by 12 straight hours of sleep last night, a run this morning and my sweet, well-behaved children!

KIDDING. My husband just came home on his morning break and dropped $200 cash in my lap. ah, boom.

soooooo. It's the last day in August and instead of focusing on the school year beginning (perks of having younger-than-school-aged that a NOT sending a child to school a perkkkk?;) and summer coming to an end...I'm day-dreaming about kidless Target trips and future tattoos and some late night reading and catching-up on Bachelor in Paradise with a pint of Ben&Jerry's and all the travel and fun September is bringing!!!!:)

daydreaming brought to you by children who started the day at 450AM...forcing me out of bed to begin the day 3 hours earlier than normal. Walk, dishes, laundry, lawn, budget - CHECK...check, check, check. I only daydream after ALL.THE.THINGS.ARE.DONE.

soooooooo. I'm kindaaaaa nailing these posts where I post photos that have nothing to do with anything I'm talking about. Have I found my calling?

Casey M. Smith
Advanced Administrator of Mindless Chatter M.D.

and some photos...of a day in July...when we went to a lake.

not everyone warmed up to my watermelon bottoms. 
Their concerns didn't sway me from believing they're anything less than AWESOME.
*I forgot where I bought them from but I'll keep those of you who are dying for a pair...posted;)

my husband + the simple task of taking a Sister Pic;)

i can't look at this photo and not be happy:):)

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