Monday, August 15, 2016

SAHM wear

does it frighten you to know that prior to taking this photo, we were all:

"we don't look toooooo shabby today, we should do a Fashion Post!"

i don't have enough time today, to explain the process of looking this gooooodddd - there's more sarcasm in that sentence than extra sugar-butter on my Cinnabon...and that's A.LOT...also, taking any opportunity available to give Cinnabon a SHOUT-OUT. #sponsormylifecinnabon
Oops. Blah with all the zoning out I'll be doing and those trips to the coffee maker and the pop-tarts aren't just gonna put themselves in the toaster!!!;) - I wish I could deny that this is what my day will and is consisting of;), that leaves LITTLE to NO time to step you through my creative fashion process;(

well, heck...while I wait for my 4yr old to finish taking a dump...I'll give you the play-by-play.

wake up, after 5 hours of interrupted sleep, to my 4yr old sitting silently in the corner of my room drinking a glass of milk, staring at me.


do the bathroom stuff, where I wash my face/brush my teeth/apply face shit that has yet to improve what that 5hrs of interrupted sleep is doing to my face.

smell pile of clothes laying on the bathroom floor and hesitate too long in deciding (luckily, for anyone I'll be encountering that day) that I'll need to make the trek back upstairs for some 'clean' clothes.

grab skinny black yoga pants.


the most difficult part of this entire process is finding a top that's long enough to cover my ass in the skinny black yoga pants;)

and so on with it. The perfect Having-Coffee-With-Your-Sister-On-A-Monday outfit.
Details below:)

maternity tshirt HERE
maternity jeans HERE
flip flops HERE

tank top similar HERE
pants HERE mine were on super sale for less than $40
flip flops HERE


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