Tuesday, September 6, 2016

weekend on a farm.

post by casey.

soooooo returning from a quick trip...on a Monday...at 5PM...wasn't fun. I was so exhausted. The kids were not. But we woke up after a good nights sleep, in our own beds, and hit the ground running! House is looking clean-ish, kids are fighting every 17 minutes (that's supposed to be impressive;), laundry is going, dishes are done, blog post is underway, bills have been paid (HI, we ate out just short of 100 MILLION TIMES over the last 2 weeks. Ew. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww and it's obvious, that coat I splurged on at Target last week, will be making his way back to Target;).

we spent the weekend in IL with family for a 50TH Wedding Anniversary. Man...that's just impressive:) Statistically, HALF (HALF!!!!) of ALL marriages will fail. That's real?! Jacob and I will be married for 5YRS on Thursday. I take that shit super seriously. The day we got married, I was nervous. NOT because marrying Jacob was a hard decision...there was no doubt in any part of me that Jacob was the person I'd marry and fight with and love so hard and grow old with and then meet up with in the after-life to hang for another million centuries;) But I was nervous because marrying someone, vowing to take the good with the bad and NEVER giving up...that felt really big to me. 

so 50YEARS. Come on. *I'm slow clapping right now, as if that wasn't obvious.

congrats to Ron and Joyce. Great people. Who have created a wonderful family and farm and life together. Gosh, that's pretty neat stuff:)

jacob: "a few more kids and this selfie thing is gonna be impossible!"

ridin' dirty. no, really...Theo dumped her chocolate milk into her cup holder and mixed part of her burger in with it and then shoved a banana into her chocolate milk container!

remember when we had our first little asshole perfect-baby-angel and vowed to never let them eat in our vehicles? Yeah...that was sweet;)

a little peek at Ron and Joyce's home. Silly me, I didn't even get a photo of the gorgeous work (cabinets and furniture) that my mom and dad did for them:(

their work can be seen HERE:)

when mom makes you pose for a family photo on a hay bale covered in cow shit. OOPS.
First Family Photo that required everyone to wash their hands and feet after;)

100% sure that all the sunrises and sunsets are better on the farm:)

obsessed with him. obsessed with this hat.

rowdy. rudy. jax

theo. will

note to self: barn shoes...next time, bring barn shoes.

farm dog. luke. theo


cow, annoyed with city girl taking photos.

jacob. theo. uncle swade. homer. will. dave. annoyed cows

fav selfie. Ever. - annoyed cow photo bomb

rocky. jacob. nash

a few things I learned from this trip:

- trying to get 15 kids (ages 16YRS-5MO) to sleep...in one room...will bring out the worst in you at one point or...10 points...1AM came slowwwww, 6AM came terribly fast;(

- ingesting a large bag of Chewy Sprees in 4HRS will upset your stomach. So I hear;)

- if there's a Power Point Presentation of a couple in love...set to romantic music...you will find me balling

- i could never do the farm thing. I coulddddd visit/Instagram/drink coffee while walking around the farm during the summer months;)

so many more adventures to come in September! Happy that we started it off with a weekend together:)

*not sure they're still up...but always more adventures to be followed over on Snapchat! Username: me.caseysmith


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  2. Great photos Casey. Happy you enjoyed the weekend. It was great seeing all of you again.

  3. Best pictures. Love love love. 
    I laughed at the picture of your feet clad in flip flops. Those ARE farm shoes. SUMMER farm shoes because they wash off and dry so damn well. If you really want the experiance, there is nothing quite like walking around the pasture barefoot stepping in warm cow pies. Purposefully, mind you. Try it. Double dog dare you.

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