Friday, July 15, 2016

theo daisy: 26/27 months and rocky peyton: 7/8 months

not to toot my own horn...but even after 3 babies, I've been able to stay relatively close to the top of my game in regards to all those milestones that no one but myself cares about;)
Like the little notebook for each of them that I wrote in leading up to their birth and then write in several times a year - well, several times a year for Homer...a fewwww times for Theo and then I forgot to write in Rocky's until he was over 2 months old;)

those monthly photos. PHEW. Those months fly by and so sometimes Rocky's photos get done closer to the end of the month then near the beginning when his actual 'birthday' is. 

i haven't started Rocky on solids yet - for GOD'S not tell his pediatrician;). Homer was started AT 6 months and we had made our own baby food with organic fruits and veggies. Theo about 7 months and a mix of homemade and store bought (organic, of course...we're not monsters!!!;)
I'm hoping that by the time Rocky does start eating something other than boob, I'll have some time in my life to write that shit down in his baby book - not likely.;)

now that I think about it...I haven't finished our 2015 Book or Theo's 1st Year Book and am starting to regret having started that annual undertaking because now I'm stressed about MISSING A YEAR. WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I MISS A YEAR!??!!?!?!?!. 

anddddd, more importantly, I'm only slightly sure of the whereabouts of 2 of the 3 kids at this very moment.


Homer's Baby Book: the first day I felt you move in my tummy. Every doc appointment and how I 'felt' that day and who came with and how much I weighed and whether there were clouds in the sky!!!!! Contractions timed and recorded. Who visited in the hospital and what they brought/gifts. 1st photo of you out in the fresh air as we left the hospital. Monthly updates and all those firsts. All.Of.THEM.

Theo's Baby Book: we're pregnantttttt. Only kept track of weight gain during pregnancy because I was sure it wasn't possible to gain as much as I had the first time - it was possible;). Whoa, we had you a little quicker than Homer but got a few details of the day. A few firsts recorded as well as those monthly photos. 

Rocky's Baby Book: Sooooo Natural Family Planning ain't our thang'. WE'RE PREGNANT!!! Damn near birthed you in Target. That was fun;) Anddddd you're 2 months old.

one of the best - and slightly awful;( - things about having 3 babies, is the fact that you just don't have as much time to sit down and get emotional about how old they're getting or how much time is passing because you're sitting down getting emotional about one of them just taking permanent marker to that $600 swivel-rocking-chair you splurged on during those 7 weeks she never slept - in your sleep-deprived state you thought a chair would actually help - MANIC she would let you sit?!?!??!?! Going to the bank and asking for $600 in $1 bills to use to wipe up her excessive puking would have been a better investment...

where was I???

oh, yeah. SO if you have a few baby books laying around with more empty pages than full, just remember that your future daughter/son-in-law will probably think you're an asshole anyways and the last thing they'll care about is when their spouse took their first dump on the potty;)

Note To Self: find out when Jacob took his first dump on the potty.

so here we are, playing catch-up. 

these 2 photos are the definition of: THEO DAISY

me just out of shot, about to throw myself at him to avoid having him fall off the chair;)

one and only question during an interview with RockyP:
what's it like to be the happiest/best/most perfect baby in the history of ever? TELL ME, DAMN IT!!!!;)


  1. Try keeping those books with twins leading the way. I'm 97% at PEACE with baby books 95% empty. The other 3% is like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING! It's been 4 years, 4 LONG YEARS WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?!? Get this shit done, now."
    Lo e your honesty and everything.

  2. Don't beat yourself up for not staying on top of the baby book thing. YOU'RE BUSY! Probably more important that you are keeping them safe,fed,cared for etc.than an entry in a book. Once a year for each is plenty,reflections on the past year. They will get tired of reading all those small daily or weekly entries anyway.You and Jacob are great parents no matter how many entries you enter. Wish I had your outlook when I had my kids,you arr a great role model. Love you much.