Thursday, June 9, 2016

how to overpack for 24hrs in a suburb outside of CHI.

post by casey

well. The subject line of this post basciallyyyyyy covers it;)

and by overpack...I mean, we didn't need our swimsuits cause I booked us a hotel without an indoor swimming pool. It's official, I've fucked up every hotel reservation I've ever made. Ever;) And I didn't need my 'running clothes' cause I for sure didn't go for a run. 

so the kids, my parents and myself took a quick trip down towards Chicago. A suburb North of Chicago, where my aunt lives. The hotel - minus the missing swimming pool - was fantastic - Sonesta ES Suites. Laid out perfectly. Mom and dad had a separate space, making it easy for them to be all: we're going to bed...good luck getting 3 kids to fall asleep, in the same room, simultaneously. Suckkkkaaaaa.

it wasn't all chocolate chip muffins and baby pandas but it went okay! My aunt did my hair and completely pampered me, which cushioned the fact that I didn't get much sleep at the hotel. The weather was gorgeous, which made being outside while Theo threw an epic fit leaving the salon (like posesseddddddd Epic. She committed:/) a little less painful. Rocky was a freaking rock-star baby on both the ride down and back, which made it a lot easier to deal with Homer and Theo's constant fighting. Dicks.

ya win some, ya lose some;)

my aunt does hair and she does it fabulously. Gosh, I love her skill but I love her much MUCH more. Her style. Her stories. Her passion for so many amazing things. Yep. She's a good one:)

vicki: I'll admit...our visits are 10% about the hair BUT 90% about me being able to hang-out with you and pick your brain and find out what perfect lip color you're wearing and always tryinging something new when with you, even in the short amount of time we have there. If you can tolerate more visits...I'm hoping to make them happen way more often (some with crazy kids, some without - for my sanity:).

aunt Vicki and my dad:)

i love it:) #mombob

if not for the help of my mom and dad...I'd probably have at least 2 less children now;) THANK YOU:):) 


  1. Love it all!!! Fun times, minus Theo's melt down! Out of 15 grandkids she wins at going toe to toe with papa!😇😇

  2. Boy,did you make me sound special!! Lol. We absolutely have a special bond.Great photos but there's a fat lady in the shampoo bowl next to your dad. Who is that?🤔 Can't wait to re connect soon. Love you.