Wednesday, January 18, 2017

theo daisy: 33 months and rocky peyton: 14 months

post by casey.

holy moly. We're inching up on a mom's worst nightmare...the aging of my children to ages that make me want to vomit hyperventilate vomit AND hyperventilate!!!!!!!!!!!!


theo will be 3 in just a few months...not to mention that Homer will be 5 in May...and Rocky...well, he's good yet;) But thinking back on the fact that I was already 4MO pregnant with Rocky when Theo was his age (I got pregnant with Rocky when Theo was 10MO:)...
I basically don't know where the time has gone:(

SO we'll start with Theo Daisy:) Theo. Theo. Theooooooooo. She's found that she currently has only 2 emotions: Okay and PSYCHOTIC. We're walking on eggshells around this ticking time bomb but outside of that...she's basically adorable and I still find myself just staring at her perfect little face and teeth and mouth and eyes while she tries to spit-out a story that makes no sense and that I understand so very little of. Gosh, she's cute as ever:)

she also got her first big hair cut, recently! My Aunt Vicki gave her the most adorable 'bob' while we were visiting her just a few weeks ago! I love it!

theo has been potty-trained (ONLY #1's) for a while now...but we're having trouble getting her to go #2 on the potty. She doesn't have any accidents but she'll hold her shits until I put a diaper on her for nap-time and bed-time. SO...yeah. I'm at a loss with this one. Not sure I'm in the mood to 'force' her to sit on the toilet for a lengthy amount of time, until she 'goes'...she just doesn't seem interested in shitting on the potty yet. SO there you have it. And I promised myself after potty training Homer (which turned out to be relatively easy) that I wouldn't force anything and so we're just going with the flow and I'm waiting to see if she gives me any cues that she's 'ready'.
PS. I'm READY to be done with wiping 2 shitty diaper asses daily. The end;)

and Jacob found a nail in her diaper today. Don't worry, she didn't eat a nail and shit it out, she was just playing with a bunch of nails earlier in the day....Okay. So this was supposed to be funny but maybe I should just link the number for Social Services here for you?!;)

good golly, are so fun...and crazy...but mostly fun...and a lot crazy...and difficult to understand...but SO cute;) 

and RockyP. What is new with that kid?!? Hmm. He's sleeping through the he though? A lot or maybe not...or mostly I just never I'm just not sure?!;)

he's eating a ton and drinking a ton and just all around a brute:)

he's 14MO and still not walking. Walking next to stuff. Walking while holding both your hands. Standing up and sometimesssss letting go and standing alone for a split-second. Over the weekend he spent some time with 2 other little babies that are within 2WKS of his age and they were running circles around the joint. No, like actually runninggggg...with their;) Rocky was not affected by this. Not walking at this point in your life, while other babies run circles around a bold move;) Leave it to Rocky to Not.Give.A.Shit. That's his current motto: I Don't Give A Shit.

he's saying Bye Bye, Dada, Mama, Ny-Nyyyyyeeee (Night Night:) and waves bye, blows kisses and gives kisses (with tongue...which is so disgustingly cute and also pretty bold...I didn't get to tongue until I was like...15 - for real;)!!!!!). He's developing the most adorable personality and this is my favorite part...them finding their footing is this family and staking their claim on a piece of us and becoming something all their own! I always think...what else is there?! What else could he/she be??? But they always become something that's so different than all the rest:) - Ah, Wednesday afternoon ramblings that may not make sense to anyone but another tired mama out there;)

so there you have it. The other loves of my life (made with the guy that holds 1st:). And of course, Homer...hate to leave him out but he's just getting so old in a whole separate way from these 2 and so maybe he needs a whole post of his own some time soon:)

and because everyone comments on how Homer and Rocky are twins - twins born 3 years apart:) is Homer (TOP) and Rocky (BOTTOM). Both 14MO old:)

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