Sunday, January 15, 2017

#the52project WEEK2

post by casey

ending/starting our week (not sure where you side on the: Sunday being the end or start to the week? I'm gonna say START...hope we can still be friends?!;)...anyhoo. STARTING our week by sitting on Homer's bed, tucking him in and then come the conversations and secret handshakes and questionssssss. All. The. Questions.

will you get old? Soon? Will your legs still work when you get old? Or will you have to sit in a chair? I suppose you'll go to heaven? But I can come visit you? Boy, I'll miss you when you're in heaven:(

moving awayyyyyyy from DEATH;)...we've moved into Week2 of the 1/52 Challenge - check Week1: Courtney HERE and Casey HERE!!!! - which also means another week has passed us;) I KID!!!;)

okay, for real this more death-talk this close to me heading to my dark...silent...bedroom;)

it was a good week. Chill - the laziness of our week is oozinggggg out of these photos:)

a portrait of my children, once a week(ish), every week(ish), in 2017
not gonna lie...he got a.lot of screen-time this week!:/ Not super proud of that but this bitch needed a nap. SOOOOO, YouTube Video Detox this week - wish me luck;)

if our week wrote a book...this would be the cover;)
Also...Theo and her St.Vinnies baby doll...she's been gifted so many cute ones over the last year but this stinky 2nd Hand Store one is her die-hard:) 

rocky and his new BFF - thank you, Aunt Vicki!! 
I've always, secretly, wanted my kiddos to be addicted to something. And now it seems I may have finally gotten my wish! So.Much.Cuteness:)

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