Monday, January 23, 2017

3 of 52

post by Courtney

not shocking, I'm not on schedule for my weekly photo post. if you're looking for some sort of regularity in your life, you've come to the wrong blog ;) Casey was right, I was frantically running around last night attempting to catch the kiddos in the most candid moments I could. Last nights candids looked more like Will losing his minddd and Nash standing at the chalkboard so those didn't turn out so well...

so these instead ;) 

a portrait of my children, once a week(ish), every week(ish), in 2017
these photos get harder and harder with the older kids. Peyton is hard to find sometimes :)

Lia thought her chicken pjs would help the Pack win :(

Austyn helping with those dishes

cheated Tayt out of an individual photo this week, but seriously... 

cheating Nash and Drew out of individual photos as well. they were playing. together. nicely! 
disclaimer: she was actually trying to put something in his nose ;)

Meg watching the nonsense of Nash and Drew 

there really is no explanation for this

Coy is 3months+1 week and this sleeper is 6months. what gives, gordo!?!

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