Friday, September 9, 2016

eleven. eight. six. four. two. kindergarten.

the oldest 6 have been in school for a full week now. I'd like to tell you we've fallen into a seamless routine, but... we're getting there. kinda. sorta. although, the kids were running out to the bus this morning (for the second day in a row) :(  in a complete panic. hair was all done. but I'm certain 2 to 3 of them had not brushed their teeth. 
you win some, you lose some.

Drew started kindergarten this year. I'm blaming pregnancy hormones, but it's been rough for me. I have never sent one to school for the first time while also pregnant. Watching her confidently get on that bus, not a fear in the world, broke my heart and made it swell at the same time. She's beyond ready. I'm not. She comes home from school every day with a new friend, a new drawing for me, and a new story to tell. She'll definitely thrive, and that's what I love about this whole kindergarten nonsense ;)

up bright and early the first day of school with plenty of time to snuggle with dad

Peyton's first day was a day later than the rest, but we did an official 'first day' photo nonetheless.

Tayt's ridiculous smile... dang kid!

add in the littlest two

cue the tears

I can't. Just gonna run to the school quick and pick her back up.

off they go. notice Drew holding hands with Austyn. anddd not a one of 'em looking back for mom. probably for the best. mom may or may not have been starting to lose it.

and then she comes home and all is well again :)

2014 (top) and 2015 (bottom)

anddd 2016 (below... love a good comparison... or not, cause they're looking extra old... Peyton!)

the whole gang :)

then Tayt relieved himself. insert eye roll.

Will struggled as much as mom. He and Peyton are the best of buds.

excited about the bus :)

love when they get home!


  1. All the tears!!:'( That one of Rowd and Dave was too much!!!!;(