Friday, March 10, 2017

theo daisy: 35 months and rocky peyton: 16 months

post by casey.

this month is completely irrelevant because Theo Daisy will be THREE in a few weeks. So 35MO means NOTHING. NOTHING. 

baby girl is keeping us on our toes. If we're 'getting after her', she'll ask: "are you yelling at me?!?!!". If our answer was "YES!", she'd respond with: "donnnnn yellllll at meeeee!". Girl is cray cray. 

she's wild. But the sweetest. Still putting her bare belly on walls and door frames and fridges...and anything kinda cold and yeahhhhhh, it's that weird;). She's still sucking her fingers but I'm not too concerned about that. I was a finger sucker and it's something she'll have to move past in her own time. I do encourage her not to and with her birthday coming up and talk of getting her own bike...we've been doing a teenyyyyy bit of bribing;) - which hasn't worked at all;)

she feels so original:) One of a kind. A unicorn, if you will;). 

this might be my favorite photo of Theo. Ever:)

 *all photos courtesy of Courtney Smith Photography:)*

rockyyyyyyPPPPPP. You do know those legs were made for walkin'?! No? ;) He's only walking about 1/4 of the time. SO, I thought he might beat his siblings to the walking thing and now he's actually coming in dead last - bum;).

this kid is a blast! He's still damn near perfect;) There's the occasional fit and we're introducing him to the word "No". Which, like most kids, he doesn't understand;). He's starting to get the hang of sleeping through the night. He loves to be tickled and I love making him that works out well for both of us:) 

unfortunately?!, it's a pretty quick process getting RockyP's photos. He's normally functioning on one mode - Perfection - and so there you have it. Rocky looking happy/content in 3 photos:)

life is pretty good right now. I think it was shitty a few minutes ago...but right this second...there's some sun shining in and I finished up a morning coffee date with a few girlfriends and Courts and a bunch of extra kiddos...and they let us speak to each other. In full.fucking.sentences. It was pretty magical:) And now the 5 kids that I was left with, are playing with a tent we made and together and I'm just trying not to make eye contact while I finish this blog post:)

happy Friday, friends:)

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  1. Love this. Do NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT! i may have let K and Z play in the bath tub for damn near an hour this morning because 1. They werent needing me 2. They werent fighting 3. Little essential oils involved to make them feel better 4. I wasnt tripping over them.. yeah i should have left them in for another hour but they were already prunes.