Thursday, December 29, 2016

christmas cheer and the new year...

post by casey
*4-ish minute video at the end of this post:)*

this time last year, I was snuggling a newborn baby through all the holidays...that may be a *hope* of mine for 2017 - you got me, I'll cave, here it is...IT IS MY ONLY HOPEEEEEEEEE!!!;). But until then...we survived with just our 3 old, wrinkly, sassy anddddd amazing, hilarious, rowdy kiddos:) They are the reason for the season and they've made Christmas more and more wonderful, each and every year:) - minus those few days before Christmas when they pushed Santa to the edge of a veryyyyyyy tall, mental cliff and he thought about throwing himself (Herself) off that cliff and dragging all their gifts with him;). But alas, Santa took mercy on their potty-mouths and lack-of shitting in the potty and shitty attitudes and brought them a few things;)

friday night, I hosted our Annual Holiday Wine Night! All 9 Wine Night Ladies bring 9 small ($5 or less), a favorite item or DIY gift, to hand out and so we leave with 9 pretttttyyyy amazing little presents for well as in a food-coma and a slight/full-on wine buzz;)

saturday morning we made cookies, in-between Theo's time-outs and nap;)

saturday night is our traditional Christmas Eve at my aunt Pam's! It's amazing and the photos of her decorated home do not do it justice! It's magical and we just love our yearly visit!!!:) I think the head-count is over 60 now!:)

we're still working on establishing a minimalist lifestyle over here at the Smith's Residence. Cutting back. Cutting down. Cutting out. And so after Santa came and left and we were able to step back and evaluate exactly what it was that he brought...even I (with my new-found minimalist outlook) was a little like: "oh, shitttttt". Cause I definitely felt like I'd been shopping since October and yet, we didn't have much to show for it:/ - that may have been a more personal/selfish situation that I'm alsooooo working on;).
BUT Christmas morning came and they slept-in until almost 9AM and Jacob and I had coffee together while we waited...anddddd waiteddddd...for them to wake up:) We consider that their gift to us:)

they loved everything. And everything wasn't a whole hell of a lot! They got one group gift (this indoor trampoline) and then only about 1 Santa gift each (Lincoln Logs for Homer and Mega Bloks for Theo) and then just a few very small things from Jacob and I - Rocky basically didn't get anything cause what the heck do you buy a 1YR old?!, no really...he only got gloves. That's it. For real. And they were just soooooo happy:) Jacob and I both sat back - well, I sat back while Jacob and Homer had an "epic" - in Homer's words;) - Nerf-gun War:):) But there were a lot of watery eyes on our parts:') 

a few of the favorite gifts...

a catering shirt, just like Dad's, for Homer:) - from a local establishment, Designer Advertising.

a cat hat, for Theo:) - found HERE.

on Christmas Day we hosted 2 family get-togethers!:) A late lunch with my aunt and uncle anddddd sisters and 2 husbands and our 16 kids and mom and dad;) And then later we hosted Jacob's family...his mom, dad and sister!! 

coy and Papa:) 

 tired babies:)

will-b . john-boy . psycho...I mean theo;)

stocking caps from Love Your Melon - gift from my mom and dad, for each of us:)
Wonderful hats, wonderful mission behind what they do! Check them out!

i think once you have these babies, ALL you want to do is make them happy. See that smile on their face. Give them ALL THE WORLD AND MORE! But it's also our job to create reasonable boundaries and expectations (but not burst their bubbles and keep the hope and magic alive!!!!:) and teach them to appreciate anything and everything they're given, even if it's nothing at all. So I'll admit, I was fearful that they would be disappointed but their joy for what they did receive, surpassed all my hopes:)

so there you have it...our Christmas. A few gifts, a ton of good company and all our favorite traditions: Holiday Wine Night, Christmas Eve with family and then Santa comes while we watch Christmas Vacation:) Christmas morning together, in festive PJ's for Jacob and I and matching festive PJ's for the kiddos:) And then all the Christmas Day get-togethers!

and I was going to include some tidbits about what's to come in 2017 and maybe I'll do another post on another day but for now...I think I'm just going to continue trying to improve on those little, daily things, our routine, the things that make our days happier and easier:) Make more time for myself. Try to cook once or twice a week;) Try not to eat junk as often. Stay patient. More random acts of kindness and giving and include the kids. Make lists. Mark stuff off my lists. Slow down and enjoy all our days together:)

"the true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." - William Morris

this quote feels incredibly fitting for my life, currently:)

merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends:) XO


  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas. Your absolutely right doing the minimalist thing. By over buying, wrapping, whatever, we lose the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy while they are young. Kids grow up way to fast. Love all of you.

  2. I loved the blog. Great times with family and loved ones is what it's all about