Thursday, December 15, 2016

theo daisy: 31/32 months and rocky peyton: 12 /13 months

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who poured a glass of milk into the Christmas tree water!??!!?!?!? - I can tell by the way that the whole house now smells like vomit (it wasn't discovered right, longer than 3 yeah, like a freaking week...and a 1/2:/).

the kids are growing older...I sometimes question the wiser part;)

my sister and I were just discussing how complicated delicate HARD it is to encourage your children not to be complete psychos when you yourself, suffer from psychotic tendencies;)
Theo Daisy was not waved of mood swings and irrational thoughts and actions and drama and painful meltdowns. Of course she's napping peacefully, at the moment, so I honestly can't think of one example of her being a crazy-person?!;)

oh man, she's a she?...I forget cause again...sleeping angelically, currently;)...I love her big personality and how I really can't understand 60% of what she says, which has me agreeing to 90% of what she says...leading her to do a SHIT-TON of shit that I don't want her doing. Miscommunication is our strongest bond;).

all my "sureeeee?!?!" and "okayyyyy?!??!!" have led to her painting her own nails with my bright red nail polish...or wiping her own ass with an entire roll of toilet paper...or removing EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM from Rocky's dresser and putting it all into his crib. Oddly enough - or not;) - each scenario has looked like a murder scene involving: red nail polish. actual shit. baby clothes. She's the best!! Where is she?!?! - SLEEPING. Phew;)

anyways. She's not doing a whole heck of a lot. Besides being obsessed with her vagina. Legit.Obsessed. It's been a problem on when she's peeing and wants to watch herself pee cause Homer can watch himself pee so she wants to watch herself pee and then Jacob wondered why her pee didn't come out in a perfect straight-as-an-arrow stream and then my face went all: WTF?. The end. Vagina obsession. Now I'm done;).

if I were speaking with her pediatrician though...this would be a whole different kinda conversation. One which would involve a lot of praise and a lot less "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND A FUCKING WORD SHE SAYS!!! and SHE IS CONSTANTLY FUCKING WITH HER VAGINA!!!". Nope, just praise and nodding and lies;).

oh, Theo Daisy. I love you so much. It's ridiculous. Really. And I'm so happy to have a girl and I'm glad you, exactly YOU, were the one to make me a girl mama. Had you been a boy...well...I don't know. But I will forever be grateful you're here...upstairs...sleeping. Here:)

theo and willb

these are both frightening;)

and then there's RockyP...

it's SOOOOO obvious he's ready for a baby in his life...a babyyyyyy sibling - no I'm not pregnant;)! I can tell by the way that he's getting SO FREAKING OLD and replacing my baby with a baby is justttttt the remedy;) I kid. He'll always be my baby and I have plans to over-step my 'mom-bounds' well into their 30's;)

rocky is still perfect. There's no change there;) But he's a rascallllll. He doesn't like being told 'no' - who does;). When he's's already too late - I can relate;). He says "mama" and "dada" and kinda waves'd never be able to tell but I'm pretty sure thats what he's doing...sometimes?...when people leave...or arrive...or are smiling at him...So that needs a bit of work;). BUT he's got eating down. And crawling. Champion crawler. Walkingggggg - again...IF I were speaking to his pediatrician, I'd be telling her that he doesn't walk in front of strangers but if we were at home...NO SLOWING HIM DOWN, WALKS SOOOO HARD, STOP WALKING YOU WALKERRRRRR. Lying so much to medical professionals seems...oddly, easy;)
Nah, he's not close to walking...he walks next to stuff. Climbs onto the couch and gives me that "I just did that" smirk;). But you try to get him to walk and he's all: NO. Feed me and let me drag my legs around on the hardwood for at least another 3MO
People are starting to place bets on his 9MO old cousin, walking before he does. Sorry money's on her;)

other than that...we wrapped up nursing a week before his 1st birthday:( Such a great and smooth journey and soooooo so happy to have accomplished that with him! But having my body back and a little more freedom has been pretty special too:) Jacob and I actually booked a quick getaway to Tulum, Mexico in February. PEACE OUT kiddos!!!!!

How much do I love you?

I'll tell you no lie
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

How many times a day do I think of you?

How many roses are sprinkled with dew?
How far would I travel

To be where you are?
How far is the journey
From here to a star?

And if I ever lost you, how much would I cry?

How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

- Irving Berlin

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