Monday, June 27, 2016

according to my lawn, I go to greenhouses for the photos

post by casey

welllllll, I'm happy to report that after 4 yearssssss. I weeded. You're welcome;)

good gawd. It made a hell of a difference. And now that I've done it...I kinda wonder why I didn't do it, let's say...4 years ago. Immediately upon moving in;)

but the kid thing slows you down. Set them up with toys and books and sun screen and drinks and food and a computer and a pool and basically ANYTHING THEY COULD EVER NEED IN THIS WORLD. 
Start weeding. Nurse. Weed. Break up a fight. Make 2 PB&J's. Weed for 10 minutes. Make another PB&J. Weed. Neighbor comes and 'chats' for 27 minutes. Weed. Someone's crying. Nurse. Diaper change. 10 more minutes of weeding. 

all in all. I got about 2 feet of weeding done a week.

now that I'm done weeding - for the most part - I've moved on to something WAY more fun. Flowers and plants. I'm struggling to keep them alive. I'm struggling to take the time to read the little card that clearly states which would be best for which area of the house/yard and time of year and blah blah blah - which then leads to me struggling to keep them alive;) BUT totally worth it cause they're so pretty and I don't care and I want them all and that is that.

so now all the photos from our trip to the Greenhouse - Frenchtown Greenhouse - where I was distracted by all the pretties and so my mom picked out everything I needed:)

oh and I highly recommend bringing 8-10 kids with;)

and proof that I'm accomplishing something at the homestead:


 after: we've done even more here as well...more weeding and painting

before and after



there is still a long ways to go but things are definitely getting cleaned up and the progress feels really great! Follow along on Snapchat: me.caseysmith :)

happy Monday, friends:)