Monday, December 28, 2015

2 smiths. 1 blog.

SO we've decided to collaborate on a new blogging venture. I'm bout' to blowwwwww your mindzzzzzz - minds with a Z, to emphasize how hardcore this is going to be;)
the smiths. hug it out AND buffaloes and butterflies
will now be ONE blog. THIS blog.


i knowwwww, right?!?!? Crazy?!?! Your mind is splattered across the screen, blownnnnn?! - Nope. Not at all;)

so here's the deal. 
We started Hey Hickory Prints + Things way back in February 2015. We had a lot of ideas and dreams and schemes for it...we still do. But it's just not going in the direction we'd hoped - or any direction, really. BUT we're okay with that. We still have a lot of ideas and dreams and schemes for it. But we're gonna take a different approach this time. Take it a bit slower. This feels right. I feel like we're moving in the right direction by taking this simple step. 

Blog collaboration.

Hey Hickory, aside from the product that we'd like to, eventually, SO much more. It's about us. Our babies and families and finances and fashion or lack-there-of, our #coffeemornins and the infrequency of our showering, our hope for organization but incredible lack of it and our die.hard.loveeeee for Target, our crafting projects and our list making and cloth diapering and meal planning and extremeeeeee obsession with procreation and much more;)
Hence the extension of the name: US + THEM.
Because this blog isn't really our business: PRINTS + THINGS. Although, at times, we may use it for business....but the Hey Hickory PRINTS + THINGS and Hey Hickory US + THEM will coexist:)

what we're hoping to bring you here is...everything and anything US, whether that be personal OR business:)

i'm Casey. And the other 1/2 of this blog belongs to my sister, Courtney. And we're married to brothers. And we're both Stay-At-Home-Moms. And we spend the beginning of almost every day, together...having coffee in the peace and quiet that 11 children in the background provide;) 


courtney + casey
more in-depth introductions to come:)

by: Casey


  1. ;-) love you guys. Soooooo wish we lived in the same town. This new blog thing is going to take me awhile to remember. But cut down on my blog stalking time.


    1. Thanks Rachel!!! Thank you for 'stalking' us! We love it!!:) We'll annoy you too much to ever let you forget!!;)